Altek Solid State Ultrasonic Cleaner

Designed to quickly and safety remove oil, tar, agar, food, oxide, ink, blood, etc.

From glassware, surgical and dental instruments, electronic components, precision parts and many other items hard to clean.

Standard Features:
Compact One Piece Construction
Stainless Steel Cleaning Chamber
Simple To Operate
Solid State Modules

220/230Volts, 50-60Hz, single phase.
25Amps per each 50 Watts output 200/240volts
Heater doubles amperage requirement.

Construction: One piece compact assembly.
Stainless steel round cornered tank.
Outlet drain on AT-152 and larger units.
Upper cabinet – steel painted.
Lower cabinet – aluminium, painted.

Timer 0-30minutes
Heater-Illuminated push button On/Off switch
Thermostat pre-set at 140 degree F
For Dgital Timer and Heat add DAT

Specifications: Dimensions (Left to right, front to back, top to bottom)
MODELS AT-52 AT-100 AT-120 AT -152 AT -220 AT -320 AT -420
Add Timer AT-52T AT-100T AT-120T AT -152T AT -220T AT -320T AT -420T
Heat/Timer AT-52TH AT-100TH AT-120TH AT -152TH AT -220TH AT -320TH AT -420TH
Capacity 2 Liters 3 Liters 4Liters 6 Liters 10 Liters 15 Liters 20 Liters
Watts 50 100 100 150 200 300 450
Tank I.D" 5.5x5x4 9x5x4 9x5x6 11x5x6 11x9x6 12X11X6 19x11x6
Tank O.D" 7x6x9 11x7x9 11x7x11 13x7x11 13x11x11 14X13X15 21x13x15

Cover C-52 C-100 C-100 C-152 C-220 AT -420 C-420
Basket B-52 B-100 B-120 B-152 B-220 AT -420T B-420
Insert Tray IT-52 IT-100 IT-120 IT-152 IT-220 AT -420TH IT-420
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