About Us

I-Tek Private Limited is founded by a group of young entrepreneurs who were keen to strike out on their own in the highly competitive electronic supplies industry.

Noting the intense competition, I-Tek intends to position and brand itself as a premier production and supplies company with good quality products and reliable equipment. I-Tek has set its focus on three main areas:


Original-equipment-manufacturing (OEM) and assembly of small equipment for regional and international brand names.


Producing I-Tek's own house brands of electronic consumables to compete with low-cost production in the region.


Procure the best quality products at the lowest price for our clienteles.

These were made possible with strategic partnerships with finger cots manufacturing plant, and components production companies.

By end 2005, I-Tek aims to increase our products range to include manufacturing of the spray fluxers and Wrist strap electronic monitoring system (
EMS ) for electronic assembly plants. These products are expected to meet the large demands in American, Chinese and European markets.

I-Tek's expansion plans in the pipeline include joint-ventures in
South East Asia and China . The joint-ventures will widen I-Tek's communication with electronic industries, thus increasing our understanding and allowing swift response to the industries' requirement. The joint-ventures in China will allow sharing of resources for R&D of new equipment, making the best use of their high quality engineers and low development cost.

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