Hunter Micro-Metallizer Pens
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This new, low cost system has been developed specifically to provide a simple and convenient electro-plating capability for such applications as scientific and engineering development, dental work, special art-work, and restoration.

Completely self-contained and portable it is equally useful in lab, office or shop.  Utilizing special disposable cartridge pens, this system permits an instantaneous selection from a wide variety of plating possibilities without the necessity for expending time, effort and expense in preparing special plating solution.  Above all, it is simple to use with no special skill required!

A complete selection of pens is available for a wide variety of plating requirements. Power can be supplied by your own variable D.C. supply capable of supplying up to 12 volts, at 0.1 amp or our variable voltage power supply.

Repair of PC boards
Repair of contact fingers
Repair of microwave components
Experimental work on contact surfaces

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